Thursday, March 5, 2009


Nice doggy? The local wolf approaches a friends dog. That's right thats a black wolf. That's taken to approaching people and dogs and even playing with the dogs. Unfortunately, he can catch canine diseases and he's picked up more than one small dog with a few dogs gone "missing". It's an amazing sight but also at times pretty disturbing.

His behavior can look almost pet like but when you look at his tell tale yellow eyes and his gait you can be sure he's not your neighborhood dog.
I had to zoom with my 200mm because he was so close! It's a bit tough to get a really good shot of a black wolf on white snow and have both come out but this one was my favorite.

Eventually he trotted off with a toothy yawn. A yawn can be a sign of stress in carnivores such as bears and wolves.


Anonymous said...

i must tell you yours stories are amazing, and i envy you in a good sense of course.
I wish i could exprience the feeling of freedom you are passing trow your stories.
thank you very much for shearing them .

Hikermedic said...

Thanks! It's an amazing place and most who live here have a story or two to share:)

-K- said...

I'm glad you're posting again. There aren't many blogs like yours on the Internet.

Corinne Robson said...

Carl -

Wow, what a thrill to find your blog!! We met you last summer at Pack Creek and spent the day there. The highlight of our 2 month trip to Alaska! Keeping our fingers crossed that we will make it back up there this summer. Sent you an email as well.

Hikermedic said...

Thanks K!I could say the same about yours. If only I had your artistic