Sunday, March 22, 2009

July 2008 On Admiralty Island

During July, which was mostly wet and miserable here in the Juneau area, I met some very nice folks that boated all the way from Vancouver Island to Southeast Alaska! It's always nice to see people who live life and don't sweat the small stuff like pouring rain day after day after day:) Anyway their efforts paid off and they arrived on one of the best bear viewing days of the summer. The bears were so active that day that I decided to walk to the tower trail to check on the visitors since there are occasions when people go to the viewing tower and can't get down for a couple of hours until the bears leave. This turned out to be one of those days. After I climbed into the tower a sow had arrived and decided to lay down in the salmon berry bushes below the tower and take a nap. Since startling bears is always a bad idea we were "stuck" in the tower and forced to enjoy the moment out of the rain while watching for other bears.

Here are a few photos from July 23rd, 2008:

This bear was feeding right below the 15 foot viewing tower. One of the best places for capturing close up photos when the fish are in the creek.

The bear below is an adult sow that had a nose injury from a brawl with another bear but that didn't stop her from finding food. After she was done fishing she climbed the bank and layed down invisible in the salmon berry bushes. We had to keep watching to make sure she was gone before climbing down to leave. The bears put on a great show that day!


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I give up. I tried to have the photos closer together but the for some reason no matter how many times I edit it they still have big spaces between

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They are still cool!

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First time visitor. I really enjoyed looking thru your blog. I have got to make another trip to Alaska.