Friday, July 4, 2008

Juneau Fireworks

Well I decided to stay up late last night and see the fireworks in Juneau. They began at 11:59PM so that it would be dark enough for people to see them. It was a pretty fun thing to do. The fireworks themselves weren't much better than some I've seen down south in the tri-state area but standing on the bridge that seperates Juneau mainland from Douglas island and smelling the smoke from the bonfires which lined the "beach" about 75-100 feet apart and with the ambient light from the city buildings, boats and cruise ships illuminating the channel and Mount Roberts in the background they were definitely worth the trip.
The challenge was trying to take good photos at midnight with the wind blowing smoke from the fires and fireworks in my direction and the misty rain that was present the whole time. Also I made the classic rookie mistake of not bringing my tripod. However, I think I managed to get a few photos that at least give an idea of what the scene was like.