Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photos of Kuiu Island

Here are some photos from the Tebenkof Wilderness. Do not use them without my permission!

An Orca swimming in Elena Bay not far from the 18 foot skiff we were sitting in. I'm certainly not an Orca expert and we had a debate about whether it was a male or a female. The males have longer dorsal fins than females but juveniles obviously have smaller fins than adults and there was a much smaller animal swimming nearby. It was interesting to note it's fin was bent at the top. I'm not sure why.
A great blue heron lifts off in front of us in the Theitis Bay Area. It's a little blurry since the light was starting to fade.

Sea otters riding the waves.

I only had a 200mm lens which makes it tough to photograph these guys since they're quite wary of humans. They seem to ignore the boat until you speed up or slow down. I had to wait for them to pop up and hope for the best. This was one of my better shots.

Small but dangerous. This critter is a rough skinned newt. They look harmless but when alarmed they're skin secretes a deadly toxin. I read somewhere online that the toxin is strong enough to kill 30 humans when ingested. Their underside is bright orange which is supposed to be a warning for predators.

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